6th ESyS-Particle Workshop Resources

The 6th ESyS-Particle Workshop was held between 3-6 April 2018 at the Sustainable Minerals Institute of The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. This page contains various resources relevant to that workshop.

Useful Online Resources

Workshop scripts

  • Formative examples:
    • two_particle.txt -- 1D elastic collision of two particles
    • box_geometry.txt -- GenGeo script to construct a box of particles
    • slump.txt -- ESyS-Particle script for gravitational collapse of the box geometry
  • Biaxial compression simulations:
    • biaxial_test.txt -- ESyS-Particle script for biaxial compression of the box geometry
    • wall_mover.py -- Runnable for moving a wall with a prescribed velocity
    • wall_piston.py -- Runnable for moving a wall to maintain a prescribed pressure on the wall
  • Scripts to fill a conical bucket with particles:
  • Simulating particle breakage in an impact load cell device:
    • cylinderGeom.py -- GenGeo script to construct a cylinder of bonded particles
    • impactLoadCell.py -- ESyS-Particle script to simulate the Short Impact Load Cell device
    • ball_mover.py -- Runnable to move a SphereBody at constant speed
    • useful commands for post-processing fracture simulations:
      • extract fragment masses and equivalent sizes from a snapshot:
        • grainextract -i snapshot_t\=100000_0.txt -list grains.list
      • add fragment masses & ids to VTK snapshots for visualisation:
        • dump2vtk -i snapshot -o grsnaps_ -rot -t 0 101 1000 -list grains.list
      • extract fracture locations and timing from snapshots:
        • fracextract -i snapshot -o fractures.vtu -rot -t 0 101 1000 -vtk

Marble Maze Hackathon


  • Simulation must include these components:
    • launcher of a particle
    • ramp(s)
    • funnel
    • a Newton's cradle - a row of particles
    • Perpetual Motion!
  • GenGeo must be used to construct at least one component of the simulation
  • DKW cannot write any code; only point out resources available online

Software Installation

$ docker pull dweatherley/esys-particle

  • Issue the following command to run the ESyS-Particle container:

$ docker run -it dweatherley/esys-particle

  • To additionally mount a shared folder (e.g. Documents), on Linux/Mac:

$ docker run -v ~/Documents:/Documents -it dweatherley/esys-particle

  • or on Win10 Home or earlier:

$ docker run -v /c/Users/MyUserName/Documents:/Documents -it dweatherley/esys-particle


  • Obtain a copy of the latest version of esys-particle docker image:

$ docker pull dweatherley/esys-particle

  • run the esys-particle docker image:

$ docker run -v /c/Users/MyUserName/Documents:/Documents -it dweatherley/esys-particle

  • execute the two_particle.txt simulation:

# mpirun -np 2 --allow-run-as-root esysparticle two_particle.txt

  • convert snapshot (checkpoint) files to VTK files:

# dump2vtk -i snapshot -o snaps_ -t 0 31 100

  • construct a particle geometry using GenGeo:

python box_geometry.txt

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