This page contains links to various resources that may be useful for more advanced ESyS-Particle users. The ESyS-Particle Tutorial is a good starting point for beginners.

Reference Manuals

The following autogenerated Reference Manuals are available:

Programmers' Notes

Workshop Materials

On occasion, the ESyS-Particle developers hold courses or workshops providing hands-on instruction in the use of the ESyS-Particle software. Below can be found a range of resources including presentations, scripts and guides prepared for these courses/workshops.

ESyS-Particle Workshops:

Theory and Background

Tutorials and examples

Triangle Mesh Walls

Miscellaneous Hints and Tips

Live DVD/USB Linux Distribution

An ISO image to create a bootable DVD or USB flash drive with ESyS-Particle pre-installed:

unetbootin is recommended for creating a LiveUSB using this ISO image. An 8GB or larger USB flash drive is preferable. Allocate 4GB for the OS and partition the remaining space for saving user files (i.e. a persistent system image).

ESyS Docker Container


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